construction system

Revolutionary for its system, ideal for its resistance and economy, coupled with its high level of standardisation and speed of installation, STEELTELHA’s self-supporting ARCO system is a leader in its field and fully meets the needs of today’s market.

STEELTELHA’s self-supporting ARCO construction system consists of curved galvanised sheet steel profiles (tiles) that overlap along their longitudinal axis for interlocking and are fixed with screws, forming a metal “shell” with simultaneous structural and closure functions.
The STEELTELHA ARCO system is not only an alternative system to traditional methods of construction of sports, industrial or agricultural buildings, but also a total concept. Our engineering department, which specialises in the design and calculation of roof profiles and metal structures, is at the service of architects and engineers designing the initial phase of projects to provide them with all of our “know-how”. Our sheet metal profiling and metal structure workshops are made available to our clients for the execution of construction projects. Our highly qualified installation teams ensure “delicate” installation that is consistent with our philosophy of “doing things well”. Our ISO 9001 quality system ensures that STEELTELHA’s high quality standards are met with full traceability from beginning to end.