Advantages of STEELTELHA
Self-supportingARCO roofs

As a result of its high level of finish and by adapting the geometrical shape of the roof, we can improve rainwater drainage, facilitate the shedding of snow and offer lower surface resistance to wind, thus reducing forces on the structural supports.
Self-supportingARCOroofs reduce gravitational loads due to less weight per unit of covered area. As a result, a proportional reduction of the whole construction system is achieved since the loads carried to the foundations are reduced.
Consequently, the size of the braces and brackets are reduced, as are the anti-buckling and bracing profiles of the vertical closures.
Roofs of up to 32 m of light can be installed, with self-supporting isostatic roofs without intermediate supports.


The carefully designed STEELTELHAARCOsystem roofs can be up to 30% cheaper than other solutions.

As there is an absence of longitudinal joints, the number of mechanical fixing elements is reduced -traditionally with holes and rubber joints: as these are reduced, potential water entry points are removed.
The use of abutments and special parts is minimised, and therefore the maintenance of the roof.
Given the high degree of standardisation and prefabrication of the system, construction pathologies are significantly reduced.
Roofs can be fitted with sandwich-type insulation and other construction variations.
As there are no girders, beams or belts, self-supporting roofs facilitate much faster and simpler construction and completely function as a continuous membrane without differential tensions.
Self-supporting ARCO roofs save considerable time during installation. Assembly is 60% quicker than any other conventional system by reducing the number of people involved, thus simplifying construction and supervision.